7 years.

That’s how long it took me to get my head straight. Crazy how one person can really make an impact on your life when things turn south. I’ve had my heart stolen by a woman that I’ll never get over and I’ve accepted that. I tried moving on and don’t get me wrong..I’ve moved on but like I said, I will just never get over her. The past girls I’ve gone out with were not “rebounds” but simply were not meant for me. Yes, I loved a few of them but I felt like I was settling because I know I will never be with the one girl I wanted most. Maybe that is what I will have to do? Just settle. I’m not trying to disrespect any woman I went out with either..I really did like them and saw potential in a great relationship. Most of my relationships that I had after though were all negative. I was drawn to alcohol and drugs, and really, I was just in a dark place. I’ve learned to live with the true woman of my dreams taken by another person. I’ve learned to live with an emptiness inside me that I constantly feel. I know she cares about me and even though she does not say it, I know she loves me. We still talk, but only as friends and nothing more.  Anyways, the moral to my sappy shitty story here is that I just want to see her happy..even if that means she is with someone else. It doesn’t matter, as long as she is happy. Knowing that she is happy makes me happy and that is all that really matters. 

Time heals

God got me through all my troubles and he can get you through yours too. Keep believing and become a better person.

I haven't seen you post anything in a while and wanted to see how you've been. I read your post about a woman you once loved and hope you're doing better. Chances are: you no longer use your tumblr, but I hope, by some miracle, you see this and see that I hope you're doing well.

Just deleted that post too right now. Not because I didn’t mean it but because sometimes I don’t want to be reminded. Even though there isn’t a single day I don’t think about it. I’ve been great actually. Finally got my shit together. I’ve just been working out a lot, going to work and just being happy. Wish I knew who this was. Please come off anon.

How are you?

However you assume I am.

"And all I got is a big broken heart and memories I can’t drink away. Just because the man I was wasn’t enough to make you stay. The heaven we had, the hell that I’m going through, other than that, there ain’t much left of loving you."

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