Still waiting on that anon that wants me to catch them up. Send me a message…off anon so I can tell you.

My new job is awesome.

There comes a time when I question myself if I’m working hard or hardly working.

Waiting for you to send me a message anon.

I’ll be glad to catch you up on things. 

I'm happy to see you're doing well, Brad. You deserve to be happy. One day, if you ever get the opportunity, message me and catch me up on your life. We may not have been much, but you were always definitely my friend.

I would if I knew who this was.  Send me a message off anon.

Your post breaks my heart ;( I can't even imagine the amount of pain that you lived and are still through! I hope one day that woman ends up with you because you definitely deserve her. What you wrote is so real! There's not many people who's brave enough to tell others their feelings. I'm glad I came across your post!!

A lot of people don’t like to voice their feelings. I’ve been hoping that for years. I just learned to focus on myself and take everything day by day. I’m in a good state of mind now a days and I’m actually happy.

 Checking me out